Metamorphosis – All is in a State of Flux – A Message from the Angels, 26 Feb 2013, by Tazjima

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Gunsight Peak

Metamorphosis – All is in a State of Flux –

26 Feb 2013

Channeler: Eliza Ayres

We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother.

We greet you this day when spring is beginning to show its first signs of arriving to the Northern Hemisphere. As the leaves of the first bulbs break through the cold and damp soil of winter gardens, so you are undergoing a metamorphosis, changing from one form to another. Your world follows suit, as change becomes a constant companion, sometimes dogging your heels as you move through your day. Nothing will remain as it once was – all is in a state of flux.

We are the angels who do the bidding of the Divine Mother. We work closely with the archangels and personal guides of those who are acting as wayshowers and lightworkers on planet Earth at this time. We wish to speak to…

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