This is the time to Connect with Your Inner Child by Ann Ramirez

If there was ever a time in all history that we should be more like children, THIS IS THE TIME!!!  

Jesus has been known to have said, “Suffer the little children, forbid them not to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”  The word, “suffer” in old English means to “allow” or “permt”.  Now, why do you suppose the kingdom of heaven would be made up of children?  

Well, I believe it is because of the following:

1.  Children are pure energetic balls of light.  That light shines everywhere they go.

2.  Children are capable of giving love to anyone without stopping to judge the person first.

3.  Children accept everyone equally.

4.  Children make adults feel smart by always asking how, when, what, and why.  They are eager to learn.

5.  Children always so lovingly forgive no matter what.

6.  Children accept what is told to them at face value without taking time to analyze.

7.  Children are very trusting.

8.  Children see the natural beauty in nature.

9.  Children are sympathetic and will always try to make you smile when feeling down.

10.  Children are seers.  They see things we adults don’t.


As we grow from a child to an adult, we are often told to grow up and when we grow up, we tell the same thing to our children.  It is a fact of life, that we will all grow up, but when these words are said, it most of the time implies, “stop acting like a child.”  Well, I differ to say, that we should not grow up in respect to thinking, trusting, and loving like a child.  To grow up and be responsible adults is important.  However, we should never ever let go of our inner child.

Now more than ever, is the time for us to connect with our inner child so we can make this process of human evolvement easier for ourselves and others.  Just let go of the fear, anxiety, impatience, worries, wondering, judging, etc.  Let it all go and simply trust the Higher Realms that all is playing out as planned eons ago.  Stop worrying and asking questions about when the currency will disappear and what will happen then, when will the Illuminati go down, who are the Illuminati?, why did the Pope do what he did?  why is the Earth in such turmoil?, why are people fighting over guns?

EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE here on Earth at this time volunteered to be here whether you believe this or not and whether you remember why or not.  We all have a path to travel and we all play different roles for the experience and lesson involved in order to grow SPIRITUALLY.  Once we have experienced something that really opened our heart and made us really stop and think, acknowledge it, thank God for the experience and lesson, forgive ourselves and/or others involved, and then LET IT GO!!!!!   Get rid of the excess baggage because you can’t evolve with it.  I cannot emphasize the importance of letting go.  Stop holding on to anything that does not serve your Higher Self or in other words, does not honor God.  God knows we are not perfect and that is why we incarnate soooo many times in order to get it right.  

What I am hoping to get across is to stop pondering about what is going on in the world.   The negativity in this world has been there for many, many years and increased over time and has done much damage to Mother Earth.  However, it is coming up to the surface to be healed at this time in history and this is why there is so much turmoil, chaos, bittnerness, and ugliness out there.  Mother Earth is dealing with the problems on her surface and will heal herself.  It is the same in our personal lives, we have many things in our lives that have impacted us negatively and we must bring them back to thought, stare them in the face, express gratitude, forgive, and let them go.

Let your inner child out – trust God that all will go in accordance with our spiritual growth in mind and the way it was pre-planned.  Stop asking questions about what is going on out there in the world.  Concentrate on your inner self, your inner sacred heart and connect with your Higher Self for knowledge and growth because this is what a responsible adult is about.  Laugh, cry, be happy, be sad, fall down, get back up, play in nature, pray, meditate, but never forget to love along the way everyone you come in contact with just like a child does.

Let us be like children who trust their parents to care for them no matter what.  Trust God, your Higher Self, Mother Earth, Father Sun, and all our Galactic family waiting out in space to meet up with us again and reunite.  More important, stop placing OUR grown-up fear and restrictions on the children.  Let them be who they were intended to be.

They are the saviors of this world and we will be amazed to see how they will change this world.  Just wait and see!!!!

Remember, do not discourage their connection with their so called imaginary friends.   These are not imaginary… they really can see through the veil into the spirit realm and talk and play with the angels, fairies, pixies, gnomes, etc.  If only we could see what they see we would know how truly blessed they are.  Encourage them to read books that teach them to continue connecting to the other side, how to meditate, speak with their Higher Self.

With love and respect to all, especially the precious children.  — Kathyann


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