To BE the LIGHT that WE ARE by Gabrielle

Gabrielle is a very special talented human being we can all learn so much from. Her writings are always positive and uplifting. Please take time to check out her website for further positive educational information. Much love to all, Ann.


Whenever I am given important information – as this is – it comes in with the Light of Love. I know many people feel the need to assign the information they receive to someone, something, a certain energy. They feel the need to attach a name to the information they are given, because in their 3D insecurity they feel they need to know from where or from whom this information comes. I wonder why this is, as all higher wisdom and information is part of the Light we allow in. The Light of Love is the Light of Creator, the Light of Spirit, the Light of ALL. WE ARE part of ALL, part of Creator, part of Spirit. Together, we are ONE.

So why do so many of us feel the need to say that the information we are given is received from other sources than ourselves? Do we still feel that we are ‘not good enough’ to say that the information that we receive and pass on to others comes from ourselves? Or is this still 3D-separation-thinking? Whether our reasoning is one or the other, both need to be left behind as we reach for the 5thdimension. In 5D and above, WE ARE ALL, WE ARE ONE – we are NOOneness with ALLless than any other part of ALL and there is NO separation. We have in fact always been the same, even in 3D, but our programmed, veiled, 3D way of thinking wouldn’t allow us to know it and kept us separated from ALL.

Going into the 5th dimension is an expansion – it’s like spreading your wings and realising that you are far more than you thought you were. It’s a feeling of being everywhere at the same time, of Being ALL. If we don’t allow ourselves to think of ourselves as far more than a human being and ACCEPT that we are an important and valued part of ALL, we hold ourselves back and can’t go into 5D. We need to KNOW that we are good enough, totally accepted as we are, Loved for who we are, and an important aspect of ALL, of Creator, of Spirit. If we keep giving our Power away by assigning our information to others, we are not allowing ourselves to become the empowered Beings of Light that we are. We were CHOSEN to come into this incarnation to do the work we are doing and to pass on the information we are given to help others.

Beings of LightWhen we initially start receiving information with the Light, it makes us feel very humble. The Light itself gives us a feeling of such infinite Love, it gives us an unbelievable ‘high’ and at the same time we are incredibly humbled by it. We feel that we will never be ‘good enough’ to deserve and receive so much Love. This gives us the impetus to become better people, to change and embrace our Shadow, the parts of us that we haven’t wanted to, or were unable to face or see before. Once we get to a point where we have cleared out all the negativity we found inside and replaced it with Light, our Shadow disappears. How can we possibly cast a Shadow when we are filled with Light? This also diminishes the ‘high’ and the feeling of humility that we used to have in the Light – we KNOWthat we are loved and accepted as we are. When we bring our frequency into alignment with the Light, we are fully empowered – WE ARE LIGHT.

NOW is the time for us to step into our new roles – to step into our Light-Power – and BE the Light. Why else did we do all this clearing work – to stay governed by 3D-thinking and keep giving our power away? Don’t we know by now that we are ALL? Is it really so hard to accept that we have Power of our own? We need to stop thinking as we did in 3D and holding ourselves back. We need to step into the 5D NOW, and BE the LIGHT that WE ARE!