I Danced in the Rain by True Love Junkie

i danced in the rain by truelovejunkie


Who doesn’t like to dance in the rain?  Something we should all do more often.  

Truelovejunkie has a beautiful and inspiring blog… very uplifting.  Take the time to check it out.  Click on the link above.  

Wishing you many happy days of dancing in the rain.  Ann.

On a quiet Saturday afternoon, I watch the rain

Listening to the gushing sound in my window pane
I want to hold it dear… and embrace
And feel the raindrops falling on my face.

 It isn’t always gloomy when the clouds are grey
Rain seems to always wash away
And your heart now believes
As it cleanse dirt on the leaves.

 For every rain, there is something in store
Raindrops falling… same as before
Wind blowing leaves in all directions
Let it fly away… crashing in intersections.

 Rain only falls …. From up above to the ground
And yet no matter how strong it may sound
Play it in your ear and listen to nature’s music for once
Stop. Think. Close your eyes, feel it and dance.

 It seldom rains on a Saturday afternoon
Embrace the music and dance to the tune
There is nothing better than to feel
Raindrops on your face… so swift and still.

Never let this pass… the chance to know and feel the rain
Open your heart, your mind and for once be insane
Simple things, simple pleasures for my soul
To dance in the rain, it is never impossible to reach my goal.

Go out, and open your doors…
Rush to the road and gallop like a horse
Sway with the leaves and feel no shame
When you dance in the rain,
You won’t ever be the same.

 Raindrops hang on the balcony
Like little silver balls on a Christmas Tree
One start to fall from its place
Another one is falling… they leave but replaced.

 Rain is just one of life’s simple forms
To help us get pass our storms
y, one day soon… the world will know
How I danced in the rain…  Even in pain
Only then… I start to grow.

Falling down, getting back up, red petals and thorns
Raindrops and roses… Life’s little adorns
That’s how I knew I have lived when I found joy amidst the pain
A priceless experience as my heart borns…
A soul, a life… when I danced in the rain.



truelovejunkie ©