Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy in Inland Empire

298586_534522373241420_1907148684_nTake a moment today and 

purposefully connect with your 

Higher Self.  It is the part of you 

that is always connected to Source.

 It is filled with love, compassion,

 and wisdom.  It holds no 

judgement or fear.  It is you in

 your purest form of light.

I am a Certified Practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, trained by world renowned Dolores Cannon.  Such a wonderful, inspiring, and amazing woman.  Just to be around her is so uplifting! The field of hypnosis has been around for many years.  But when Dolores and her husband began practicing hypnosis in the ’60s, a whole new spin on hypnosis was developed.  Without any guidance, her clients were going into past lives and experiencing healing on many levels by gaining access somehow to their Higher Self or Subconscious Mind.  If you stop and think, hypnosis in the ’60s was not a cool thing to be a part of and so Dolores and her husband lost many friends.  However, being present at these sessions, Dolores knew without a doubt that something wonderful was happening…… her clients were truly being healed, obtaining guidance in areas of their lives they were struggling with, and more than anything, she and her husband could feel the energy of Spirit in the room.  Needless to say, they continued on the hypnosis path which has evolved so much since then.   I have been regressed twice by two other hypnotherapists trained by Dolores and just to experience the past lives was an amazing journey.  I received great clarity and direction on my life’s course.   I have been actively practicing this type of healing and my clients are going away with the same clarity of direction their lives should be headed in as I did.  They are obtaining healing to physical and emotional problems.  They are taking a second look at their spiritual growth and we are all having great history lessons as some clients are remembering lives in times of wars, lives in other countries, working in occupations they would never have dreamed working in, relating current talents with talents previously held in other lives,  and so much more.  This type of healing far outweighs seeing allopathic physicians and continuously taking pharmaceutical drugs.  The healing can also be related to addictions and weight loss. I am currently practicing in Inland Empire area so if any of you have family or friends here who could benefit from this type of healing, please have them contact me for an appointment.