A New Message From VERONICA

You can… You Will…
     “Most can reach a next level of emotional, spiritual, and psychic awareness without certain linear enactments of negativity.
     If it feels uncomfortable, push through the fear to discover the true purpose of the drama.
     Challenges are not created by you to victimize yourself.  They are created and embraced to fulfill the momentum of your evolution.  It’s not an easy path, but  when accomplished within, it can bring a sense of vitality to your consciousness. 
     You did not incarnate to simply endure.  You have come here to advance the pulse of your energy.
     Instead of retreat, consider meeting all the “why’s” head on.  Often the outer shell looks more fearsome than the real core within.
     Remember you created the blueprint of this life.  In the in-between perspective, you felt that the obstacles could be easily overcome.
     Keep focused upon the end result.  The “why’s” along the way will only deepen your resolve.  The key is to remain positive.  Look the obstacle in the eye and overcome it.
     You can.
     You will.
     Remember this is your blueprint.
     Push through the fear.
     Most importantly, know that fear will lie to defeat you.
     You can push through it.
     You truth can prevail.
     Become one with your plan.  The design is for your to evolve.
     You can.”
                           -VERONICA is a group of entities channeled through April Crawford