Cycles of Life – Edgar Cayce Channeling by Bente

This channeled message from Edgar Cayce is rather long but worth reading.  Grab your favorite drink, sit and relax, and enjoy reading.  

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Channeled through Rev. Bente Hansen

Multiple Possibilities of Reality Creation

As I look through This One’s eyes I am continually astounded by the many changes I see in this great country. Some of the changes I observe were not known to me during my lifetime. I was not able to gauge accurately through my readings the changes that would occur. The reason for that is not that I was remiss or incorrect, for as you well know I had no awareness of what would come forth during those readings. But the reason I was somewhat remiss in not being able to accurately predict, or forecast, what was to eventuate was due to the nature of all the people who have chosen to live on this planet – all of them, one by one, minute by minute, expressing their thoughts, emotions and feelings. In doing so, they have created what I now observe through This One’s eyes. I guess what I’m saying is that reality is created on a continuing basis, and that there are always many possibilities that could eventuate at any point in time.

Now this fact is actually very important, and one that most people overlook. If you reflect upon your thoughts, on every thought you may have in any twenty-four hour period, I can guarantee that your thoughts will be directed in many places. In fact, many of your thoughts will be both confusing and conflicting. But every thought you have contributes to what transpires in the world. In much the same way your emotions and feelings create what transpires. It does not matter in the least what you have read about the coming times, for you are now the ones responsible for creating what is to occur.

It is not the prophecies of someone such as Nostradamus, or even I, Edgar Cayce, that determines the future. When I was alive the information I accessed was but one potential or more. There were instances when the information I accessed was not congruent. There were discrepancies in the readings. Even then I became aware of the unlimited potentiality that exists. At that time, however, I was not aware that it was we – as individuals inhabiting this planet – that it was we who are the creators of what is to transpire.

That means you are very powerful. Reflect on that for a moment. So many of the prophecies that relate to Armageddon and the end of the world are not going to happen because you, as humanity, have created thought patterns and emotional energies that have shifted that particular tendency into another possibility. This is not to say that humanity is in for an easy ride. If I were to say that you would not believe me.


Accessing Information from Beyond the Veil

Tonight’s discourse is in some way linked to that because as humanity is currently undergoing transformative change individuals worldwide are becoming aware of what exists beyond the veil. For those who know of my discourses you understand what I mean by the words ‘beyond the veil’. Here I refer to all that which cannot be seen by the naked eye, all that which is invisible but which still exists nevertheless. Due to the significance of the changes occurring right now more individuals are finding they can access information from the other dimensions, from those areas beyond the veil.

This is a vital aspect of humanity’s evolvement. In accessing information from beyond the veil you are actually bringing together the many aspects of who you really are. How many of you have found yourself thinking, ‘Who am I? What am I here for?’ If you take those questions and apply them in a linear construct you will use logic and rationale to endeavor to explain. However as you are going through this magnificent shift and are accessing the information that is available in other dimensions you come to realize that who you are in linear time, in your physical body, is only a small part of who you really are.

In accessing information that was not readily available to you five, fifteen or even twenty-five years ago you are discovering that you are truly multi-dimensional. You are also learning about aspects of yourself that you were unaware existed.


Multiple Lifetime Experiences

This is not your first and only time upon this planet. You will find – if you have already not experienced this – yourself becoming acquainted with other lifetimes you have lived. It is quite a journey for an individual once they begin to embark upon this exploration to discover the many facets of human condition they have experienced.

Reincarnation is the soul’s choosing to explore all facets of human condition. It is through exploring all facets of human condition that the soul learns understanding and from there evolves to a greater and expanded awareness. This is a journey that is never-ending. Your soul, while it may reside within your physical body and is linked to you is an entity of its own and as such it has its own goals and aspirations. Your soul is all knowing. It is all wise and is continually determining a path that is for its highest good in order to learn, understand and evolve.

It does this through the experience of reincarnation upon Earth, where there is a wealth of opportunity – lifetime after lifetime. You may wonder what is the point to all this. For some it is likely you will view yourself like the hamster that is going around and around a wheel. You imagine yourself going into one lifetime after another and not getting anywhere. In fact, that is not the case. It has been the situation for the past few millennia where it has been difficult for souls to escape and transcend the heavy energies that have been predominant upon the planet. So this is the lifetime where you will see an increasing number of souls embodying upon the planet. As you well know the planet’s population at this juncture in time is larger than it has ever been. Why is that? Because this is the lifetime that souls know they have the opportunity to clear the heaviness, the denseness and pain of earlier lifetimes.

A walk through any history book will give you clear information on all the conflicts, wars, aggression, antipathy – all the things that have been dominant on this planet for so long, these are the heavy energies of which I speak. This is the lifetime where you are going through this transformative experience of clearing that heavy energy. Your soul is a repository and holds within all the information of all your lifetimes. Through choice you have experienced lifetimes where you have been tormented, or where you have been the tormentor. You have chosen lifetimes where you have been persecuted. Or, you may have been the persecutor.

You have chosen to experience all those facets. However the reincarnation cycle is changing. This is not to say that reincarnation will no longer occur. That is not the case. What I am saying is that through the combined efforts of the many souls that are now existing upon the planet the endeavor is to lift the denseness of Earth’s history, to lift the pain and suffering, and to bring humanity to a new level of awareness. With that new level of awareness those reincarnating onto Earth will come into a different energy or vibration. If you are one of those who asks, ‘Why am I here? Why did I choose to come back?’ that is your answer. You have chosen to come back to clear yourself of the ‘rubbish’ you have carried through lifetimes. View it as learning material, learning material that you have outgrown and that which you wish to never experience again.

This makes it all the more important now to focus your attention and endeavors in this direction. It is time to strive with even more dogged determination to be the very best possible, to let go of habits, beliefs and behaviors that you know do not serve you in any way. In reality your soul does not want to come back to another lifetime of untold suffering and pain.


Accessing Other Lifetimes

As you look beyond the veil it is likely you will begin to encounter memories of other lifetimes. In most instances, it will not be that easy to recognize those memories fully. There may be a feeling, a sensation or a knowing of familiarity. Sometimes that familiarity is warm and inviting. In other instances there may be a feeling of repugnance. It is a feeling of ‘I know this. I have experienced this before’. As your sensitivities increase due to the greater exposure to what is beyond the veil you are going to find more and more memories come flooding back. These memories may come during your dream state. They may surface when you are daydreaming. You may have instant recall of some past life terror or pain or torment. It is not for you to dwell on these, but merely to acknowledge them and to give gratitude for the fact that they are surfacing. Many individuals are currently experiencing a lot of pain, which is manifesting in the physical body and is the result of cellular memory and energy memory from other lifetimes. This is part of the major shift, or transformation, that is occurring right across the planet.

Of what use is it to know of past lives? In reality, not a great deal, except possibly to provide some understanding. Say, for example, if you have a desire to learn a musical instrument or to engage in some other recreational activity and you cannot fathom where this desire comes from I can guarantee that it will come from a previous life experience where you have actually done this before. There is a remembering within you, from the soul level, that says, ‘I want to do this again. It was fun when I did it before’. You may suddenly have an overwhelming urge to travel to some country or location that has never entered your awareness before. You may think, ‘Why would I go there?’. Trust that this desire is coming for a reason.

There are many, many individuals across the planet who are now seriously questioning many aspects of their life. They are finding their employment is not satisfying so they are seeking to connect with something that is. What they will connect with is a deep memory of previous experiences from other lifetimes, which they found joyful. So, they will seek to make changes in careers. In many instances, individuals will totally give up and walk away from successful careers in order to work on the land or to take up artistic pursuits. The drive within is so strong. That drive originates from other life experiences where they found fulfillment in undertaking those activities.

There may also be a significant change in people’s interest activities. Particularly so with those who have already led a full and active life, those who have raised a family and are no longer responsible for young children, here I speak of those in their middle years who may suddenly find themselves eager to explore new languages or take up hobbies or recreational activities because they find them interesting.


In those instances, not all but in many, it is highly likely that those individuals are actually preparing themselves for their next lifetime. They are getting into readiness some of the experience they need have and which they will expand upon in their next lifetime. I trust you understand what I am saying. There are past lifetimes that bring memories up for you to work with, to heal, or whatever you need to. As you proceed through your current life cycle you also begin preparing for your next lifetime and begin to develop strengths and skills that will be transferred into your next embodiment.

Now, all this is on the subconscious level. It is being driven by the desire of your soul. It is your soul that plants the seed for where you are to go and what you are to become in your next lifetime. In future, however, it will not be like that. I spoke of a world where there will much more harmony and peace, where souls will incarnate into a world very different to the current world. In that new world individuals will have conscious awareness of where they are going in their next lifetime. They will prepare for that diligently, with love and reverence.


Exploring Childhood Interests

However, humanity’ s consciousness is not sufficiently evolved for that to occur – but, it will, it will. If you are one of those individuals who has a feeling or sensation that you have lived other times upon this planet I encourage you to explore those. Not so much that you are to delve into them to such an extent you lose your sense of reality and you lose contact with present day existence. Think back to your interests in childhood. What was it that fascinated and intrigued you? What was it that you wanted to be? What were your daydreams about? There are many clues in everyday life that indicate you have lived before. If you have an innate ability to play a musical instrument then you have played it before. If you are extremely gifted at playing a musical instrument then you have played it before to an extent that you have excelled.

If you are fascinated with architecture and the structure of buildings, or structures as such, then you have been involved with design at some stage. If you have a natural singing voice and love music, what does that tell you about previous life experiences? Merely that you have done this before! In having the awareness of lifetime experiences it helps you understand that you are more than just this one lifetime, that you are indeed a very rich individual, having a composite of many experiences.


What is your Greatest Fear?

Now, having this awareness you are then in a position to feel stronger within, to have confidence in your abilities and to know that if you have already lived many times and experienced many things then there is nothing in the world you cannot do and there is nothing to fear. That is a very interesting thought, is it not? There is nothing you cannot be if you so choose, and there is nothing to fear! So what is your greatest fear? Is it the fear of death? Is it the fear of not living long enough to do all the things your heart desires? Ha. You have many opportunities through many lifetimes and you have already done countless things. Any fears you hold in that direction you can discard. They are baseless fears.

When it is time to leave your body you are merely ending a cycle. You are about to embark upon a new adventure. Now, own this knowledge. Own this information with your heart, not just your mind. Feel it in your heart. When you feel in your heart that is when you begin to feel excitement about life and then you have the opportunity to experience life as it is meat to be.

There is a great deal of fear being propagated in this great country at this point in time. It is this fear that limits and inhibits you from reaching your full potential. It is this fear that says you have to do certain things in certain ways and if you don’t then there are dire consequences. This fear is baseless. It is only cemented into truth when people begin to believe what they are told about their limitations. With the concept of reincarnation enabling you to experience the joys of life again and again doesn’t that inspire you to let go of resistances, beliefs and fears? And to then determine that you are going to live your life in a way that has meaning, not only to you, but to all those who are here with you.

When I was last in body it was with great fascination that I read the transcripts of the readings on matters such as reincarnation, the power of dreams, visions and prophecies, as well as the history of this great planet. All that information was readily available to myself and to anyone else who so chose to access it. The outer reality around me at that time was also driven by limitation and fear. It was with great soul searching, and I will admit to trepidation and anxiety, that I actually explored the concept of reincarnation.


Living a Life of Service

As has been shared with you it was a concept I found difficulty in integrating. Yet, once I did my worldview shifted dramatically. I came to see the magnificence of the order and the plan that had been put in place for all souls. I also understood the value of the old fashioned virtues such as honesty, goodness, kindness and trust. Those were the precepts or beliefs by which I structured my life. But I also knew full well that in order to provide a service to others who were a part of my life and part of the society in which I lived, that it was important for me to be honest in all my dealings, to be straightforward and certainly not to be corrupted or even to become corruptible.


On some level I knew I could serve the greater good by being this way. In that way I was honored to be able to do the readings, which towards the end of my life became such a burden. However, I would not have changed anything. It was through those readings that I came to understand there is far more out there, beyond the veil as I say, than mere mortals can see or understand.

All that information I was able to access, you too now have the potential and ability to access. What I was able to access at that time was a vast storehouse of knowledge. Since that time there have been strides in technology and the consciousness of humanity has grown considerably. It is far more common nowadays for individuals to have paranormal experiences, to be psychic – fully in touch with their psyche or soul – to have intuition and to have an understanding that there is an expanded reality. I would encourage you to not be limited by any beliefs that hold you back. I would encourage you to put to one side any fears. When you choose to work with concepts of goodness and honesty then all that you can access from the vast unknown is available to you, to use in a manner that is best befitting the needs of humanity at this critical juncture in time.

You may ask, ‘Edgar, how can I do this? I know there is a great deal beyond the veil, but how can I best access this?’ As always, my response is ‘meditate’. Use the quiet moments where you can empty your mind of thought so that the information that is readily available can be accessible to you. It is when your mind is constantly thinking, with jumbled thought patterns, that it is impossible to access this vast repository of knowledge which can benefit you in so many ways. Use meditation as a tool. It is merely a matter of asking and if you are quiet for sufficiently long and do have some patience you will begin to receive the information. Others may receive information through their dreams.

As you are well aware, during the readings I gave there was much exploration of the dream state. When you have awareness that a dream may not be one of your ordinary dreams or may have a depth of meaning you cannot quite explain write down that dream, and allow its message or information to reveal itself.


Becoming Empowered

One of the reasons I advocate that you work in this manner is to help you become empowered in your own seeking. It has become the tendency within this great society for individuals to hand over their power to experts. As soon as there is a problem or issue the individual will say to themself, ‘Who can I ask about this? Where will I find the information?’ Without any hesitation the common practice is to find a suitable person and in many instances to also pay an exorbitant amount of money for answers that are readily available through some inner reflection and seeking. You have the ability within to find the answers for yourself, if you will only take the time. Many of the answers you seek are contained within past life experiences and are also accessible and available in the vast storehouse of knowledge that is contained beyond the veil.

When you begin to work with this information you will feel not only more empowered and stronger in your knowledge but will have a tendency to rely less upon the information provided by others. That is the way it is meant to be. You are a sovereign being. You hold all the information from all your lifetimes within, which means there is far more information held deep within than there is in the conscious mind. It is stored deeper, in the subconscious mind and also in the super conscious mind. However, I much prefer the term ‘soul’.

Be prepared for your life to change once you embark upon this experience of accessing other lifetimes. Be prepared for new knowledge and information to sweep in. Then your conscious mind will say in amazement, ‘How did I know that? Where did that come from?’ Accept your knowing. Learn to trust it. Come to rely on it in preference to that of other individuals’ perceptions.

In doing so you will find that life will change dramatically. You will feel freer and lighter. Much of the fear that has been holding you back will rapidly dissolve, as it needs to dissolve. It needs to be resolved and cleared and totally left behind. You cannot be a sovereign being when you quake in fear of what others might say, think or do. You become a sovereign being when you know who you are.”