2013 A message of realization to humanity

2012 The Awakening

Published on Apr 28, 2013


Explosion in consciousness is happening on planet Earth this very moment. Right now. Expanding like ripples in the ocean, where everyone are affected. This ripple is the earthquake of energies in the collective grid of consciousness to wake up from the slumber of experience in duality’s matrix of illusions and into oneness.

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Do you remember, FEEL, that you’re part of all that is? Let’s start by saying. That matter, or manifestation is advanced thought. In other words. There’s thought, then there’s thought form, then there’s manifestation. Of course there are millions of incremental steps in between all of that. But that’s the general process. There’s thought, and thought-form, which you call illusion, or even dream-state. Then there’s manifestation. And all manifestation is, is energy that’s being translated from many perceiver’s at the same time, who concur about what they’re…

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