HUGE UFO Light Cluster Hovers over Russia!!! 4/25/2013

It won’t be long from now before they touch down…. we really need their assistance.  Keep pushing the collective consciousness of the world.  Once we reach that height of consciousness, they will come.  This was on my son’s birthday and he has always been fascinated about ETs — Beautiful.   Kathyann.

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Published on May 1, 2013

TheBeginning IsNear TheBeginning IsNear

A MUST SEE!!! Please share this on your Facebook and or Twitter feed to help spread the TRUTH!!! An incredible cluster of lights has been recorded over the skies of Astrakahn, Russia on April 25th, 2013! They first hovered for an amazing 5-6 minutes, then disappearing for two minutes and returning again!  Namaste my friends!