Consider One Thing of Importance at This Time by Kathyann

The one thing of importance at this time for everyone to consider is our personal preparation for service.  Everyone of us living on Earth volunteered to live here.  One of the important responsibilities we all share is that we must serve our fellow man.  We must be 51% in service to others in order to ascend to other dimensions.  You may not believe in ascension or you may not want to ascend.  Just know, that eventually, you will desire to ascend and when you do discover this desire, you must make an effort to re-discover your true self and serve your fellow man.  

The most rapid way to prepare ourselves for service to others is meditation. Through this method of self-discovery, we will receive guidance and direction on the path to walk in this life. Meditation at first, is not easy to achieve, but like many things, the more one practices, the easier it becomes.  In fact, on the days you do not meditate, you will feel like something special is missing in your life.  Meditation is very effective in improving our relationship with our Higher Self so we can grow in the way we are meant to grow and mature.

We all came here to do a job and assist with the evolvement and ascension of Humans and Mother Earth.  As they say, “time waits for no one”, so let us gather ourselves together and march forward with heads held high, open hearts, open minds, holding hands, and caring for each other and let’s get the job done.  There is a much better world revealing itself to us and it is irresponsible of us not to behold its beauty and love.  

Remember, one small simple act of kindness goes a long way and spreads faster than one thinks.  Remember who we are, our purpose here, and that we are all a part of each other.  Before long, the world will truly be at peace.   — Kathyann.

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