Emmanuel Dagher: May 2013 Energy Forecast – Growing Our Miraculous Manifestations

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Emmanuel Dagher 2013By Emmanuel Dagher – May 2013


Blessings my beautiful friend,

It’s such an honor to connect with you again. Have you noticed the shift that took place in these past few weeks within and all around us? Ever since the days leading up to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse back on April 25th, something has changed. Many people are feeling guided more than ever to reinvent themselves in a way that is aligned with a higher vision they have of themselves.

A big part of the reinvention happening includes letting go of everything in our lives that no longer contributes to our highest vision. This also includes letting go of the relationships that we allowed to stifle us in any way. Many of us have a tendency to give everyone we meet the benefit of the doubt, however when we begin to allow…

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