A Declaration of Love

What a beautiful story. I like the perspective the woman took on this and her comment about the little girl being a “light”. The message I get is that we should all be the light for others even when our world is not so bright. Hope you all enjoy as I did.  

Hugs to all, Kathyann.

“I love your shoes. I love your jeans…and your shirt…and your hair. I love your eyes, and your face,” said the little girl that ran up to me in the grocery store, smiled, and shied back away to her family.

A minute later, she came back repeating all of the things that she loved about me. We were both strangers to each other, but her simple gesture brought a smile to my face and made my night. I was wearing old jeans, worn out rainbow sandals, messy hair, and make-up free; I felt scattered, but somehow her statement felt more genuine than any compliment I had ever received.

From what I could see her parents seemed pretty overwhelmed with their four young children, all close in age. The little girl was very full of energy and they seemed annoyed, even angered by this. I’m not writing this to judge her family or create a psychological profile of the mother; I guess all I am saying is that she was a little light in that dreary grocery store.

This little girl reminded me to acknowledge the beautiful uniqueness and sanctity of each human being, as well as the importance, and even duty to tell others what you like, admire, or even love about him or her. After all, everyone just wants to be loved and appreciated, right? Acknowledged for who he or she is.

If this is a little too “one love” for you, then look at it from a logical perspective. It takes roughly twenty-one days to form a habit. If you think mostly neutral thoughts, or worse off start to judge people around you then you may end up with thinking patterns that reflect a passive attitude about life. You may even turn yourself into a mean you. Nobody wants that.

So just remember, “I love your shoes. I love your jeans…and your shirt…and your hair. I love your eyes, and your face.”


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  1. thanks for reblogging my experience. i received the same message you did…to be a light to others and allow others to be a light to us. 🙂 can’t wait to read more of your blog! sincerely, chelsea


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