Your Connection to Lack of Abundance by Kathyann


Have you ever thought about the connection you have to lack of abundance?  Give it some thought — think about what you do, how you feel, things you say on a DAILY basis.  More than likely you are going to discover you input negativity in your life in some way, shape, or form.  Yes, you can say, I am only Human.  However, I would like you to remember that you are a SPIRITUAL being on a human journey and because you are so connected to God/Source who is absolute perfectness, you need to remember that you are powerful and truly, with a little effort, you can be a little more perfect every day.

Whether it be consciously or subconsciously, you may interject negativity along your path.  Not to mention, you may be skipping along your path having a perfect day and meet up with someone who is interjecting negativity your way.  Both of these scenarios, whether you are interjecting negativity or receiving negativity from someone else can and almost always result in a lack of abundance for you.  The reason for this is you often will allow the negativity from others or negative events to flow through and affect you consciously or subconsciously.  This is where you need to put the brakes on.  

Negativity often will prevent you from seeing opportunities around you that would help you create abundance.   Every opportunity that comes your way is coming for a reason so pay attention to it, grab on to it and see if it is an opportunity you wish to explore more in depth.  One of them just might be the chance you were looking for to create even more abundance in your life.  

The experience of lack in your life is always and I mean always because you have created a block of positive energy that is keeping the natural flow of abundance from coming your way.   Don’t blame it on someone else.  You are a powerful creator who is finding your way back to your powerful creation technique.  You can have and in fact, are meant to have whatever you want for your life. If you don’t have it, there is a very good chance that you’re holding back your own ABUNDANCE with some negative thinking that is playing over and over in your subconscious.

Now if something is going on in your life that directly affects you and is very upsetting and thereby affecting you negatively, stop and look at the contrast of the event.  Don’t repeat negative words, such as, ” I don’t want this…..”, “I can’t handle this……”, or    ” I didn’t ask for this…..”.  Instead, look at the bigger picture, find something positive in it, thank the universe for the event, and then simply state that you would rather have this occur or that you would rather be somewhere else.  Think positive and remember that you agreed to come into this contrasting world to learn what it is you want and create what you want.

When you notice you have had a negative thought, try to take a few moments at that time or soon afterwards and correct the thought, thereby healing the thought and transmuting it into positive energy.  Even if you cannot think of a positive thought in context with whatever event is occurring, try thinking of nothing.  Just simply place yourself mentally out of the environment or event that is occurring at that time, examine it with no emotion of any kind, acknowledge it, and then let it go and remove yourself from the event.  Go your way and don’t think of it again.  This is what being in the 4th dimension is all about.  Thinking in the NOW moment and learning not to give emotion to things that do not serve the best intention for all involved, especially YOU.

This is why it is so important for you to evaluate yourself daily.   Take a few moments in the morning or at night before going to sleep to clear your thoughts of everything else except those things that occurred that day.   Evaluate how the events of the day affected you and how you reacted to them.  Be honest about it.  If  there were any events that made you think or feel bad inside, angry,  cry, fearful, etc., make a conscious choice to release them to the universe.  In doing so, you will remove all negativity from yourself which will allow you to manifest or create the life you are desiring.

You are meant to be abundant in every way, not only in a monetary manner.    And the abundance of the universe naturally flows to all of us.

It’s a fact that there is more than enough abundance for every person, animal, etc. in all universes that exist – there should be no lack of anything at all ever!

Remember first thing is to always express GRATITUDE!!!!

Much respect and happy creating to all!  Kathyann

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