Evolution of Consciousness: The Lessons Begin by Dolores Cannon


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We all begin with God (the Creator or Source) and are sent out to learn and experience. Many other planets have easier courses of learning. The Earth school is the most difficult in the universe; only the bravest souls sign on for this assignment.

Evolution of consciousness takes a very long time, but the universe does not care or mind. You have all of eternity to work it out before you return to God and total bliss. In the schools created by man in this world, you cannot jump from kindergarten to college, so why would the school of life be any different. If you fail a class or lesson, you have to repeat that grade until you get it right. It is that simple.


Evolution of Consciousness – Elementals

In order to complete the Earth school we have to experience everything and we have to know what it is like to be everything! How can we understand all life if we don’t know what it is like to be all life forms? We don’t start out as humans. That comes much later.

The first step for a soul in the evolution of consciousness is experiencing life in the simplest forms imaginable, the elements: air and other gasses, liquids, solids such as rocks, and even the earth itself. Everything is made of energy and has consciousness! You must always start at the beginning in any type of school here on Earth, and that also applies to the school of life.

In my next article, I will write about the next level in the evolution of consciousness: experiencing life in the plant and animal kingdom and the realm of Nature Spirits.

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