Are We All Just One?

Karen Kubicko

I am always receiving the message from my spirit guides that “We are one.” Yes … but what does that really mean? Here is one of my explanations …

one flower

One day, in talking with a group of friends, we were discussing the idea of how fun it is to learn new things, especially about metaphysics. There is so much out there to learn … how could we possibly learn it all?

Well, it would be impossible for sure.

At that point in the conversation, I thought, maybe that is what it is like to be one. Maybe, that is how we learn all that there is in the world; by having others learn different things. If each person focused on, learned a lot about and excelled at one subject, then collectively we all are learning all that we can.

We are learning as one.

among several all attached flowers

Maybe this is why we incarnate…

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