When You Have a Higher Self Worth by Kathyann

self-worthWhen you feel and carry a higher self worth about yourself, you will exude a more beautiful self to the world and it will be contagious. Take a few minutes every day, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself:

  • I love you

  • I appreciate you

  • I forgive you for your shortcomings

  • I forgive others for their shortcomings

  • I recognize that you are a part of God who is so perfect.

  • You deserve the best

  • You are a powerful creator and can do anything and be anything your heart desires

  • Thank you God for me

When I say appreciate yourself, I don’t mean to become vain. There is a difference. Vanity is part of the ego or conscious mind. The conscious mind will not get you very far in a positive manner as it is self centered. It does not have your highest good in mind. Instead, learn to listen to your Subconscious Mind or also known as your Higher Self, who only has your best interest at heart. By spending time each day in meditation, you will be able to go inside your heart and meet with your Higher Self. You will receive direction for every step of your life. When this happens, you and others will benefit.

Be confident about who you are and your capabilities as being connected to God Source. You are here on Earth to remember to create the life you want and love everyone and everything, no matter what. When you are more confident, the beauty of the world will simply pop out at you. You will more easily see the wonder in all things and little by little, will stop looking for the negativity.  

Focus on happiness and look for the good in all things….. you will find goodness even if it is a very tiny speck in the context of something ugly.  

When you feel better about yourself, the rest of the world will feel better too.

Start a happiness and confidence movement.  Begin today and see the change it makes in your life and others.

Stick to it and you will be surprised!! 

Hugs to all — Kathyann

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