From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly – Human Evolvement by Kathyann

caterpillar to butterflyThis reminds me of December 21, 2012 – just when some people were thinking the world was over……. a new and wondrous age began.

We humans are evolving just like the caterpillar into beautiful butterflies.  

The caterpillar’s life is slow and treacherous.  Never really getting anywhere.  Time moving ever so slowly.  Most are squashed by humans and larger animals.  Sound familiar?  In the past, many people often commented about how long the day was and how tired they were.  Comments about time moving so slow were often heard as well.  Almost every day, someone is rude to someone and people step on others with no concern expressed at all.  Life for many is very hard and in some cases, treacherous as well.  

The butterfly’s life is absolute freedom and beauty.   The butterfly doesn’t think anything of time because to it, time doesn’t exist.  Time is speeding up and will soon disappear and the day will soon come when we humans won’t think about time again either.  

We can become butterflies sooner if we would only allow ourselves to cease the opportunity in front of us and regain the freedom that was ours from the very beginning.  Be the free spirit in a human body we were meant to be when we first incarnated on Earth.

2012 as we have all seen was not the end of the world, it was the beginning of a new chance for us humans to start reclaiming what is ours, so let’s get going and do what we have to do.  Love each other, respect each other, help each other, care for each other, be in service to each other and then and only then, will humans prosper and truly be like butterflies – free, safe, and beautiful!

— Many hugs to all, Kathyann

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