QHHT: March 2013 Events and Anomalies

Another example of how helpful the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy sessions really are not only to the client under hypnosis, but to all Humanity. Dolores Cannon was blessed with learning the process of hypnosis and has truly blessed all of us who have taken her course by teaching us what she was blessed with. Thank you Dolores, my humble teacher! — Hugs, Kathyann, QHHT Practitioner in the Inland Empire area.

Universal Angelic View


***Updated*** (Text added thanks to in5D. See below the video for text.)

Thanks to Suzanne Spooner for posting this video.

This post goes along with “March 2013 – The Next Great Event in the Awakening“. I was afraid of posting it within that post because I didn’t want people to miss it.

It is an interview with Mindy Mitchell, the author of that post, regarding this time of March, 2013. If you liked that post, you’re going to want to watch this video, as she goes into more detail.

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