It’s is so sad to me that we have been taught so many lies throughout time. Please share this article with others so the information gets out into the world. Tell your children and grandchildren. Someday soon, this will be discussed and taught in schools everywhere, but only if WE keep pushing it.

It’s time to take back our power and claim our true heritage.

— Kathyann

On the Cusp of the Wave

What most people think of ‘reality’ has clearly been proven, by award-winning, professional, mainstream scientists, to be complete illusion.


Every single physicist, and biologist and medical doctor as well, understands that what we think we see ‘out there’ in the ‘material world’ is, quite simply, a highly-filtered summation of an interpretation of a bewildering stream of electrical signals that come into our brains from the nerve endings in our eyes, our noses, our skin, and our ears.  This is something I learned decades ago in my own university education.  A bit later, I ran across the explosive book The Tao of Physics, a seminal work by the insightful  physicist Fritjof Capra that explains in great detail the similarities between the then-groundbreaking work in modern quantum physics and ancient mystic thought on how our Universe is structured.  So when a person close to me sent me this link the…

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