NOW Is the Moment of Power…Do Not Go Back to Sleep!

Thank you Judith for sharing all they tell you. This is a great reminder for me.

Hugs, Kathyann

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

6.1.13  NOW is the Moment of Power

The only “place” that is real  is made of energy, and it is called NOW.  You are also made of energy, and your energy is in the NOW. NOW is the only place where you are ALIVE.

So you can see why NOW is the moment of power. It is where you choose what you want to create– and you DO create–through you own frequencies, the external reflections that match them. DO you see? What you’ve  called “reality” is not. It is simply  your own reflection. The only thing about it that is “real” is the energetic being that is YOU.

DOyou see? YOU are the reality creator! You spin out creative expressions of your own energy continuously–because every NOW is NEW. Do you understand? This means that in every nanosecond, you are also creating  ANEW. Stay present then! USE your power to CHOOSE your creations!


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