I AM by David Allen

This is a wonderful way to claim your divinity and power by using your I AM presence power.  Practice saying these words daily – first thing in the morning and other times throughout the day, as you need to.  — Many blessings to all, Kathyann.


By David Allen



“I AM” is Power and “I AM” will free you when you know what it is and how to use it.

“I AM” is who you are.

“I AM” is your center and what you experience is what you have believed to be truth and attached to it.

Be very careful what you attach to your “I AM”, it has the power to limit you or free you.

“I AM” You.


Repeat the following with CONVICTION and CLAIM your “I AM” POWER.

I AM Love,

I AM Wealth,

I AM Health,

I AM Spirit,

I AM Power,

I AM Abundance,

I AM Plenty,

I AM Divine Substance,

I AM Strength,

I AM Source Energy,

I AM Genius,

I AM Beauty,

I AM Life,

I AM Color,

I AM Thankful,

I AM Divine Mind,

I AM Energy,

I AM God,

I AM Happy,

I AM Fun,

I AM Law,

I AM Open Minded,

I AM Young,

I AM Strong,

I AM Wise,

I AM Wonderful,

I AM Positive,

I AM Determined,

I AM Motivated,

I AM Persistent,

I AM Upbeat,

I AM Confident,

I AM Thoughtful,

I AM Tolerant,

I AM Integrity,

I AM Confidence,

I AM Divine Energy,

I AM Success,

I AM Intelligence,

I AM the Truth,

I AM Good,

I AM That I AM,

I AM Mind,

I AM Joy,

I AM One with God,

I AM Perfect,

I AM Peace,

I AM Whole,

I AM Grateful,

I AM Secure,

I AM Free,

I AM Consciousness,

I AM Awareness,

I AM Mind,

I AM Insight,

I AM Revelation,

I AM Illumination,

I AM Enlightenment,

I AM Heaven,

I AM Unlimited,

I AM Harmony,

I AM Prosperous,

I AM A Magnet,

I AM Gifted,

I AM Responsible,

I AM Vitality,

I AM Radiant Substance,

I AM Divinity,

I AM Light,

I AM the Way,

I AM Everything,

I AM Alive,

I AM Calm,

I AM Relaxed,

I AM Divinely Guided,

I AM Pure,

I AM Noble,

I AM Awake,

I AM Allowing,

I AM Creative,

I AM Blessed,

I AM Worthy,

I AM Blissful,

I AM Beautiful,

I AM Grace,

I AM Focused,

I AM Kindness,

I AM Imagination,

I AM Inspired,

I AM Thin,

I AM Vibration,

I AM the Universe,

I AM Master of My Destiny,

I AM what I desire to be