Words, Thoughts, and Emotions by Kathyann

happy flyerIf you want the universe to respond to your desires, you must first remember that it does not respond to negative words such as “don’t want”, instead state what you do want, such as, “I want” or “I prefer”.   Another example, if you want to get out of debt and you say “I want to get out of debt,” the Universe only recognizes the word “debt” and will send more debt along your way.  It does not pay attention to negative terms like, “no”, “not”, “none”, “out” and so forth. Instead say “I am rich”, “I am wealthy”, “I have lots of money”, etc.  

The most important part is that it responds only to vibration or heart-filled emotion. This is why for example we can say anything we want to try to cover the truth and the universe will respond to the guilt we feel instead.  Sometimes, we say affirmations over and over that don’t feel true to us (we’re speaking the words with no true emotion) but the manifestation stays the same, because even though we say something like “I love myself” our vibration and thoughts say “no I’m worthless”.  

So pay attention to the words you say, the emotions you attach to them, and let go of all anticipation and the universe will bring you your desires when your vibrations are high and you match the desire you are expecting.  In essence, there is a more to the Law of Attraction than simply speaking words.  Let go off all negativity and stay in a constant state of greatness, be happy, smile, give gratitude, and your world will change.      

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