Beautiful Mornings – Let Your Light Shine all Day!

Let your light shine

Beautiful Mornings 

You have all heard that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and will put you on the right start to a successful day.  Well, it takes more than a good breakfast to ensure a great day.  Here are some tips to enhance your mornings; thus, enhancing your entire day.  Remember the key is to have a positive attitude towards all things which will result in a positive and enhanced day.


Try a few of these ideas for 2 weeks and see if they don’t make a difference…


1.  Serene Awakening

An hour or so before the end of the night and the rise of the sun is such a beneficial time.  This is the time to claim for you.  While others are asleep in your home, lay in bed a few minutes and ponder about what it is you are thankful for and express this to God/Source.  Simply give heartfelt and emotional gratitude for all that you are and all that you have.  Don’t give into worries or allowing your mind to begin racing.  Then rise out of bed and put on a smile.  I mean that sincerely, put a smile on your face and mean it!  Close your eyes, stretch your body and take deep breaths in and out – live in the moment of being a happy and content you.


2.  Meditate

Prepare yourself for meditation.  This is now your time to connect with your Spirit Team (Guides, Angels, Higher Self, God/Source).  There are so many messages from our Spirit Team that we often miss throughout our busy days and so connecting every morning will assist us in keeping on our path and allow answers to our questions.  Praying is our time to speak to Source/God and meditation is our Spirit Team’s time to speak to us.  So it is important, to stop all thoughts, be in the now moment and listen for messages in the way of symbols, pictures, words, etc.  Practice this every day and over time, it will become as easy as brushing your teeth.  In fact, you will surely miss it if you miss a day.


3.  Let go

Each new morning greets you with no restrictions or resistances so don’t place any on it.  Don’t keep yourself hostage for something you did yesterday that you feel was wrong.  Yesterday is gone so don’t hold on to it any way, shape, or form.  Each new day is a day filled with new possibilities so allow great ones to come in.  Forgive yourself and forgive others.  Learn from the mistakes and begin anew.


4.  Be in the NOW moment

Live for NOW – not yesterday and not tomorrow for this is what moving into the 4th and 5th dimensions are all about.  Nothing exists except NOW and the NOW is what counts.  Make the most of it.  Don’t wake up and start worrying about this or that….. don’t throw your priceless moments down the drain.  You and others are worth so much more and remember that you are part of the collective consciousness so what you do and feel affects all others.  Besides, it really does feel soooo much better to not have to worry.


5.  Inspire inspiration

Include in your daily morning routine, time to read a motivational quote.  Read it to yourself and your family.  Post a daily quote somewhere in your home or office where all will see it, i.e., desk, refrigerator, computer screen, etc.  Believe me; this is so much better than waking up and listening to the depressing news from television and radio.  Recite a daily affirmation or mantra.


6.  Exercise love

Every morning, kiss or hug all those you care about and remind them of something special they do that makes others happy.  Then stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself how much you love yourself and how much you appreciate yourself.  


7.  Relax

Prepare the night before for the following morning.  Little things like deciding what you will eat in the morning and making sure you have all the ingredients so it will be easier to make.  Spend a few minutes before bed deciding on what you will wear the next day; make your lunch for the next day the night before.  If you have small children in the house, do the same for them.  The more you prepare the night before, the more you will enjoy a relaxed morning.  Insist that your husband and children assist with the preparation of meals in the morning.  Then relax with your favorite cup of coffee or tea and put on a smile. 


8.  Something for you

As you move through the day, remember to make the time to do something that is important to you.  Something you have dreamt about doing but always put off.  There are always minutes in a day that are not utilized completely and we often will say there was not enough time to do that today.  Well, if you have 15 minutes of spare time and you have wanted to write a book, spend those 15 minutes writing your book.  If you keep with this attitude, it will pay off and you will see that you succeeded in doing something that was important to you. 

Remember your potential is limitless…..


Remember you are a powerful Creator……. so begin creating your life the way YOU want it, but remember to create it with a smile always.


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