Sometimes it Is the Little Things That Matter in a Past Life Regression

I believe we all have many things in our current lives that connect us to past lives or current multidimensional lives and what is so FUN about all is that it makes us desire more past life regressions just to discover more about ourselves. Past life regressions are so interesting and amazing!

Karen Kubicko


Small things we notice during a past life regression can have great meaning in our lives.

While remembering being Jezebel, a lifetime as a little girl in Eastern Europe, I noticed I had on a pair of warm socks.

Being only five years old and experiencing a scary time, I tried to focus on something that made me happy.


Seems silly and insignificant, I know, but those socks were keeping me warm. It was early spring and the weather had not warmed up. Sitting on the cold linoleum floor and wearing a threadbare dress; I was happy wearing socks and keeping my feet warm.

In my life now, I love socks.

Fun socks.

Holiday socks.

Colorful socks.

Warm and fuzzy socks.

Socks are the number one gift that people give to me.

Is this a carry-over from my past life? Quite possibly. It is the happy thought…

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