Shirley MacLaine: Sacred Sites – Earth Energy, Ley Lines and Vortex Energy

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Source: Waking Times – 6/27/13, Posted by Anne

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Shirley MacLaine, Guest Waking Times

Earth energy. It can’t be seen or tasted and it doesn’t have an odor. But, the effects of Earth energy can be experienced in all of those ways. It isn’t loud, but it can be heard. It can’t be touched, but it can definitely be felt.

Our ancestors knew that ley lines, earth grids and vortexes were energy sources and centers that were to be considered holy. They knew that Mother Earth supplied their physical needs, cured their ills and balanced their spirit. Mother Earth had also supplied the invisible forces of Earth energy. They respected the strength of these unseen powers and knew they were a place to heal physical, emotional and spiritual pain. Used as a place of communion with the Creator, our ancestors knew that these energy points uplifted the…

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