“Your miraculous transformation continues”

Angelic Guides

Dawn_Over_New_ZealandToday we would like to focus your attention on the topic of your transformation.  You are continuing to evolve into more conscious beings as your “time” progresses.  Some may even find that the person whom they once were has become a distant memory of someone who is now unrecognizable in relation to the person you now find yourself to be.  This will continue on, as you have started down a path that is indeed winding, however you are ascending back into fully conscious beings vibrating once again within the higher realms; although how long it takes and what your journey will entail is entirely up to you.

As you continue to grow, and learn about the tremendous power that surrounds you, you will inevitably learn that it is only a reflection of the power within.  You are evolving, day by day, remembering what you came here to forget.  You are…

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