Angel Card for today ~ Archangel Raziel “Take back your power!”

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There are still those of you that believe you do not have the power within you to change your circumstances, your life, your current reality. YOU are the creator of your current life experience. Until you can accept responsibility for what you have created, you cannot change it. And you cannot change it if you do not believe that you have the power to do so. Belief / Trust / Faith it the key. Belief, trust, faith in what? In your Self. Remember you are not alone. Part of you is here in the human realm, and the other part of your Self exists in the higher realms. You are not alone and never have been. This part of your Self is ready and waiting to assist you to return to a vibration of Divine Love. Withing this vibration exists all possibility. Nothing is impossible! Nothingno Thing!…

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