Archangel Michael ~ Love that which you are. There will be eternities for you to love that which you wish to become. – channeled by Ron Head

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We bring to your attention today two familiar concepts which you may find much easier to understand and feel the truth of now (more) than ever before.  The first is that you are each and all part of one consciousness, one conscious field.

The second, and the one which we would urge you now to actually feel the truth of, is that you are far larger than the physical body which you have chosen to inhabit.  As a matter of fact, your body is in the field which is you, and not the other way around.

This concept is likely not new to most of you, but with the energizing of your fields, which is ongoing at this time, it is quite likely that, if you close your eyes and place your attention on this possibility, you will be easily able to discern, by your feeling of your own energy…

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