Coffee Time – Do You Believe in Magic? NAME CORRECTED Sofie to Anneli

Good morning it coffee time with the fairiesGood morning to everyone.  It’s time for a cup or two of coffee.  As we sip and enjoy our coffee, I would like to share a story of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session I had yesterday afternoon.  My client, Celina, regressed into a simultaneous lifetime, not a past lifetime.  This was my first simultaneous lifetime client.  In this particular life, my client is a young girl, age 17 and her name is Anneli.  Anneli is right now living in the year 1836 in another dimension.  She said she lives in a small town named Mansfoot.  In her dimension, there are no countries – the land belongs to everyone.  She lives with her mother, father, and brother on a wheat farm.  Everyone there is in touch with the elementals of Earth – the fairies, pixies, gnomes, etc. can be seen by everyone and everyone has great respect and admiration for the elementals.  They are a natural part of life there.  The one incredible ability Anneli has had since she was about 4 years old is that she has the ability to heal by sight and intention.  She can look at a dead or withered flower and while looking with intention the flower comes back to life.  The same thing occurs with healing people and animals with physical, emotional, and mental ailments or diseases.  She said she is the only one with this ability and has for many years been looked upon as a “magical sorcerer” and is called “Ahti”, which means someone who creates magic.  She too receives much respect as the elementals do.  

Even though, the people in this place live in the “prairie days” as we call them, they are more spiritually advanced than we are today in our current dimension and time.  It seems to me that we got it backwards — we progressed materialistically and technologically and left our spiritual evolvement lagging behind.  So, the message today, is to believe in the magic of your spiritual self and accept all of those around you who possess such great talent to create Magic.

I wish everyone a magical and peaceful day!


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