Essential to the Maturity of One’s Soul by Veronica

     “Most incarnates feel that their current state of awareness is the best it can be.  For the moment, it is.  However, to look back on a perspective of one’s growth, most will state that they did not have the awareness they thought they did.
     That measurement of growth and being aware of it is essential to the maturity of one’s soul.  The linear offers that on a very dense  level.  Use it to your advantage.  Do the comparison.  Feel the growth spiritually.  It may give you just the encouragement you need in this moment to continue forward.
     The prospect of continued growth defined by past moments in the now is beneficial for creating your future.
     If one contemplates the concept, a discovery of the beauty of the process is evident.
     As one moves through physical reality, the concept of growth is often a great focus for those seeking evolution.
     The physical uses the senses to navigate through the lessons needed to do just that.  We, however, suggest you also use your soulful heart to see, hear, and feel in the physical.
     By bringing in “the faith” of the spiritual realm, one increases their chances of finding fulfillment.
     Be mindful of growth awareness. It is essential to encourage the self to feel the growth of their daily endeavors.
     Each level achieved by linear standards, helps the consciousness to be enthusiastic about reaching the next plateau of evolution.
     All experiences are created by the self, to become more aware.  Lessons learned, offer a touch stone to help feel a progression of growth while on the journey.”