What Path are You On?

woman on path 3
In this physical life, there are many paths for you to choose that will create opportunities for your soul’s growth.  Afterall, this is the reason why you are here, evolvement of your soul.  
The path you follow may be one forged by another.  While it is good to learn from the examples set by others, it is also important to create a path that is unique to your own energy and growth. Following someone else’s path is more than often easy to do, but your soul thrives on your very own experiences.
So, let go of that “someone else”, venture off their path and find your own.  Start by creating your life with your own imagination.  Let your creativity emerge.  Don’t be afraid, it really is a lot of fun to use your imagination.   You imagination is the key to allowing your thoughts to create your reality. Although, you are connected to all, you are still a singular energy having a unique experience.  Make it your own, not a copy of someone elses.
By doing this, you allow an opportunity for your soul to express its energy.  Each energy expression has the probability to create an environment of vibration that can help balance and maintain the universe as well as yourself.
Always seek your own path.  Appreciate what others are doing, however, maintain your individual expression.  It might be just the right ingredient to create a more harmonious atmosphere in your current time frame for you and others.  Remember, harmony is always good!
Create it, be it, and make it your own and you will make a difference – for you and the world!
Think about what you just read and then answer the question – What path are you on — yours or someone elses?
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Blessings to all — Kathyann                 
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