Premonitions are Real – Listen to Them

164275_505786102814703_1886026305_nMany of us fail to realize that every waking moment that passes, the one before most likely signaled us to what was and is going to happen next. This signal comes to us in many ways, such as:  the slightest touch, the softest breathe, the wind blowing forcefully against us, the flash of a light, feeling the presence of someone near us when no one is around, smelling the perfume or scent of a loved one who has passed over, or the movement of a shadow passing by us. These are all signs from the universe, a loved one who has past over, our guides, or our inner voice appearing in our awake time and every night within our dream time.  These are all called premonitions – a universal secret language sometimes so encrypted in symbolic code we tend to look right past them.  We close our hearing off to an unrecognizable sound, ignore the words of a whisper, or brush off a signal as if there is a piece of insanity in believing that our inner voice speaks to us in a pure language of truth.

A premonition could be a warning of something dire about to happen or it may be a vision of something positive that will happen and is meant to give us an intuitive awareness of what is about to take place next in our life. Premonitions communicate with us by feelings of sudden insight. They may announce the arrival of a friend or loved one’s energetic field that we are tapped into (similar to that moment when a friend pops into your mind weighing heavily on your mind and minutes later you receive a phone call from them).  They may appear to warn us that a friend or loved one needs help.  They can appear in a dream as something simple and vivid or they can be extremely complex leaving us wondering how to connect the dots.  One reason why it is good to keep a dream journal, especially if we are having recurring dreams.
We have all experienced moments of wonder when something takes place before us and we begin to feel there was that one moment when we could have done something to prevent or change a thought, action, grief, or tragedy. We may have thought, “Was I given a sign and was my chance taken away the moment I doubted the sign?” These are some of the unknowing, the unexplained mysteries of premonitions, the reason why it can be difficult at times to decode the message given to us.
If you are hearing the future:
-You sense that the imagery or signal (whether in your dream or waking life) is foretelling.
-You can feel the imagery, or you can hear the voice, coming from that place in which your intuition resides.
-There is a unique sense of knowing that will not disappear. It may be gnawing at the very core of your whole being.
Once we put words to the imagery, the moment we add voice, and once we speak it out loud, we  will begin to feel as if a weight has lifted, and slowly we watch the changes that take place within us and within our waking lives. We may not always prevent our premonitions from taking place as in the case when a loved one is about to pass over and we are being given a warning to prepare ourselves for the event.  This has happened to me several times in my life.  One such event was prior to my Dad passing over.  I began hearing my inner voice say, “Dad’s dying”.  I heard this several times a day for three months prior to his death.  I brushed it off as silliness, thinking it as unreal and often forgetting about it.  Well unexpectedly, my Dad died three months later.  If I had listened to this premonition, I would have spent as much time as possible with him and he wouldn’t have been alone when he died.  My Dad was my world and so needless to say, I was devastated for many years.  The other major time in my life when my inner voice spoke to me and told me to do something, I paid attention and acted on it. My action allowed me to be in the States when my son was hospitalized and was in a life and death situation.  Even if we speak it out loud or put a wrench in the premonition’s plan it does not mean that we have the control to stop what is meant to take place as everyone creates their reality.  However, what we may be able to decipher from these premonitions is that the more we are tapped into our inner voice and to the subconscious whole of each other we will be able to begin to cultivate how we live within every moment of our lives, how we react and cope amongst the positive and negative, how we find acceptance in the light and dark, ultimately preparing ourselves for the outcome that is meant to be or one that we created.
The greatest insights that appear before us take place within the silence we choose to exist within. Sitting in moments of stillness we are capable of hearing every voice, feel every sense, and grow a better understanding to our own knowing. Ultimately it is what we feel when our inner voice speaks to us that allows its insight to move through and bringing clarity to our knowing.
Awaken to the clarity of premonitions five minutes a day:
-Awaken to our surroundings, notice what is happening around us.
-Turn off the white noise and monkey mind.
-Stop listening for a moment at what anyone else thinks and feels and listen to our inner self.
-Be silent.
-Be present. Be present in our feelings that emerge quietly within the silence.
By taking moments out of each day of our lives to center ourselves and check in with the universe we begin to connect with the future within the present. By giving ourselves permission to be aware of the positive and negative messages being passed on to us, we grant premonitions to become a cherished resource that illuminates our lives, awakening and enlightening us to the surprising element that we hold much more knowledge about our futures than we allow ourselves to realize.
Peace to all — Kathyann


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