Coffee Time – Believe

beautiful front porchTime to grab your favorite cup of coffee and prepare yourself for a believably beautiful day.  

I would like to share a poem I put together last night about believing in life and believing in yourself.  I wish you all a wonderful day filled with peace and happiness.


To believe is to know that every day is a new beginning — no matter who you are or what your situation is.

To believe is to trust that miracles happen and dreams really do come true — as you learn to create them.

To believe is to see angels dancing among the clouds — as they try to get your attention to show you how to dance.

To believe is to know the value of a nurturing heart — who willingly gives of himself without asking for something in return.

To believe is to see the innocence in a child’s eyes –and then look for the innocence of yourself inside.

To believe is to see the beauty of an aging hand — and realize that it is through their teachings we have learned.

To believe is to find the strength and courage that lies within us — as we begin to reclaim our power when it is time to pick up the pieces and begin again.

To believe is to know we are not alone — that we are all one.

To believe is to know that life is a gift — and that it is time we begin using this wonderful gift and spread happiness.

To believe is to know that wonderful surprises are just waiting to happen  — so long as we allow them in.

To believe is to know that all our hopes and dreams are within reach — if we just believe.

Believe in the power of YOU and you will begin to believe in all.

— Love to all, Kathyann.

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