Coffee Time – Communicating with Your GPS

Coffee time for dogIt’s a new day friends, let’s make it a great one, even if it is Monday. Remember you create it – no one else can do it for you.  Grab yourself a cup of your favorite coffee and join me for conversation on the GPS systems.

I know many of you listen and follow what your car’s GPS tells you, right?  The GPS is a marvelous man-made piece of equipment that is beneficial to many who lose their sense of direction.  Many people have it — some use it often and others rarely use it, thinking they can find their own way.

Well, guess what concept the GPS was built after?  The human GPS.  It is interesting how many people often use their internal GPS in the same way they use their car’s GPS — some use it often and others rarely do, thinking they can find their own way. Finding your own way is a wonderful thing to do and so much can be learned when we lose our way and get off the beaten path/road.  However, may we all remember the internal GPS we have is eternal, cannot be destroyed, and knows the path or road we should be on at all times.  Life is so much more rewarding when we turn our internal GPS on, tune in to it, and then accept the suggestions it gives us as to which way to turn: right, left, straight, or go around and start over.

Ask it every day in a quiet place, preferably before rising out of bed, to guide you through your day – guide your thoughts, your intentions, your words, your feelings, and to make you more susceptible to it’s guidance that comes in many different ways.  Learn to listen and follow you innermost self and you will find peace, happiness, and the person you really are.  You will always find your place in this world — where you are utterly and unquestionably supposed to be.


Happy GPSing my friends!

— Kathyann

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