Persist, Persist, Persist

401801_173678356131464_910565601_nPersist, persist, persist and you will reach a point where the principles of creating the life you want will become second nature to you.  You will become so aware of the words people speak, especially when they speak of things they don’t want. You will become so aware of the words you speak also.  When you reach this point, it is a sign that you are becoming more and more aware.  You are becoming more consciously aware! And after all, isn’t that what we all desire… to become more consciously aware?  Think about it and then think about it some more.  Re-training yourself to do and speak what you know you need to do for personal growth and improvement is not always easy.  However, it can be done – so don’t give up – keep going and before you know it, you will find yourself creating your life exactly the way you want it.  — With respect, Kathyann


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