happy man on the beachEmotions/Feelings are such an important part of the physical body.  Their purpose is to tell you where you are at in your life creation process.  Whatever feelings you have within, will most definitely be your tomorrows.

Worry brings more worry, unhappiness brings more unhappiness, anxiety brings more anxiety, sadness brings more sadness, fear brings more fear, speaking badly about others will bring more people speaking badly about you, expressing sickness will bring more sickness, expressing lack of money will bring more lack of money, etc.

AND on the flip side of that:

joy attracts more joy, happiness attracts more happiness, smiles attract more smiles, peace attracts more peace, kindness attracts more kindness, love attracts more love, gratitude attracts more things to be grateful for, expressing health attracts more health, expressing an abundance of money attracts more money, etc.

Your job is an inside one.   To change your world, all you have to do is change the way you think and more important, the way you feel inside.  

It sounds easy enough, right?  It really is.  The problem we all struggle with is changing our mindset to stop being in the negative.  It takes some practice to stop the negativity flow, but it will stop and if you focus on positive, you will attract more positiveness in your life. 

— Kathyann of Loving Life on Earth



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