Be The Difference by Veronica via April Crawford

     “Often while walking through a life, there can be defining moments that help your consciousness expand.  Personal moments such as these, may be difficult to overcome.  Recognizing that it is important to stay focused and that doing so can help ease the pressure one feels.
     If one also looks around them clearly, there are defining moments with the planet as well.  Your presence on this sphere blends energetically with the earth, to assist evolution for a world consciousness that needs to expand.
     Hand in hand, the awareness of both, brings about a soothing energy that will help calm the chaotic energy for the planet as it moves through its experience.
     Always remind  yourself that focusing on positiveness and healing creates an atmosphere of nurturing that all physical living beings need to continue.
      Be in harmony with the physical whenever you can.  We know that some of you feel misplaced in such a thick environment.  Reach deep within your heart to find the strength to connect regardless.  Perhaps it is why you came here.
     Perhaps your soul volunteered to be of assistance.
     Be the strong soulful energy that you are.
     Attempt to focus upon the larger picture.  You may be surprised at just how much your energy is contributing.
     Unite with your soul, your planet, and others.
     Be the difference.
     You can.”
                                  -VERONICA  is a great group of entities that channel messages through April Crawford for us living on Earth to assist in our evolvement.