Love Relationships

man and woman swingWhen it comes to love relationships, often people think they want a particular person.  But, if you really think about it – it is not that particular person that they want.  What they want is to be blissfully happy with the perfect person.  Yet, when they tell the Universe what they want, they tell the Universe WHO they want. When the Universe doesn’t answer, they often will get upset, blaming “God” for not listening and giving them what they prayed for.  If the Universe doesn’t deliver then the message should be loud and clear:

“I just checked 20 years ahead and the bliss and happiness you deserve, will not happen in this relationship.”  

Why is it that we think we know more than the one that can see everything?

Let’s think about this – you meet someone, you become infatuated or fall in love. Great so far, right?  Life goes on a little more and you begin discovering pitfalls in the person you think you fell in love with. The relationship becomes more and more like a struggle than a friendship and loveship.  So what do you do?  Well, you might decide to terminate the relationship and move on.  Then again you might decide to stay in the relationship because after all: the person isn’t all that bad, you are comfortable at this point even if you are not happy, you have children together, you don’t want to start a new relationship all over, your family likes the person, you bought a house together, you grew up together and you don’t want to sever a long-time friendship, the person’s family has beneficial connections for you, and so on and so on….  

People come into our lives for a purpose, none of them come by coincidence.  Some people are meant to stay with you for the rest of your life and others are meant to stay for a certain period of time and leave.   Once the person that enters your life provides what they agreed to provide to you before incarnating, they should leave. That was their choice before coming here – they would stay a while, give you what you need and then move on.  Others come into your life and stay for the remainder of it – as was pre-determined prior to coming here.  

It is important for you to acknowledge these people for who they are.  If you struggle most of the time with a certain person or you really are not happy with the relationship, take the time to evaluate why you are with them.  Try to see what that person has brought to you, any lessons learned?  Recognize the reason they are in your life and it will make it easier to wish them well and walk away.  

Wait for the Universe to bring the person who was meant to be with you for the remainder of your life here.  Listen to your inner voice, look for the signs from the universe, don’t jump the gun, don’t become impatient, don’t try to intervene and make your special person someone who it really isn’t.  Let the Universe bring you that person at the right time as was pre-arranged.  They know more than you and only want what is best for you.  Therefore, when you ask the Universe to bring you your Soulmate, allow them to bring your Soulmate – they already know who it is.

Trust and be patient because life here on Earth is not meant to be a struggle, it is meant to be a beautiful journey and we all have something to offer each other and it is not always PERFECT LOVE we so desire. 

If you wish to find that perfect person meant for you, a QHHT session can assist you to connect with your Higher Self where all the answers to your questions can be obtained.  Contact me for an appointment if you live within the Inland Empire area.