Get in Touch with Nature and Find Yourself by Kathyann

Mother Nature provides so much for our well-being and so many rely on her for these natural benefits without gratitude.  In today’s world, it seems many have forgotten about nature and all that she provides us.  With our fast-paced lifestyles, we often forget to take time out of the day-to-day hustle and bustle, to step outside and really look around at what is out there.  What is out there is REAL life – Mother Nature at her best and YOU at your best.  

get in touch with nature

Everyone should be exposed to many elements of the natural world and have an opportunity to develop a sense of their surroundings so that they grow to understand that nature really DOES matter.  Reading about the way the plant grows is never the same as digging the dirt, planting the seed, spilling a little water when caring for it, and watching it daily for some sign of growth and life.  

The children are the future and we need to be examples for them by not pushing so much technology on them, but rather encourage them to get outside in nature at least once a week (if you live in the city) and smell the air where the plants, trees, and flowers grow wild.  Touch the dirt, talk to the plants, smell the rain as it falls, let the rain fall on your face instead of always running away from it as if it were something horrible, take a good look at a leaf and enjoy the veins running through it giving life to it, enjoy the many beautiful colors of the leaves, smell the flowers, feel their many textures, feel the wind on your face, watch the beauty of the lightening, and learn to just simply BE in all the glory of nature.  For without such, we wouldn’t exist.

We are more connected to nature than we tend to believe.  Mother Nature provides medicinal properties for the healing of our bodies, she blesses us with so much inspiration, breath-taking pictures, energy, water, fuel, food, etc., etc., — simply said “life is provided to us through Mother Nature.”  We could not exist without her and as a matter of fact, if you really want to know who you are deep inside, step out there.  I dare you to take an adventure in nature and re-discover yourself.

So teach your children well and set the example for them by giving respect, love, gratitude, cleanliness, hugs, and kisses to our natural Mother.  Let her know how much we appreciate her.  By doing so, we will all benefit. — Kathyann.


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