You are the Center – The Power of All

center of universeIn order to experience your reality as the creator of it, realize that where you are is the center of all that is occurring — which is what is meant by the phrase, “being centered.”

Stop thinking that someone else, something else or somewhere else is the center of what’s going on.  Because when you do this, you are giving your power away to the external world.  The external world revolves around you and should be responding to you and not you to it.

Remember that you are the center of the universe and with this type of mentality and awareness, you will find that you don’t really have to shift much as things and people around you shift themselves instead.

You will become a lot more at peace, stable, cool and poised as your perception of being the center aligns your experience of reality with the state of being godlike.

Less and less will things move you without your permission and more and more are you able to cause things around you to move instead.

People will notice your strength, stability and solidness as you carry and project yourself as the center.

You will become more and more the “master of your reality” as you control how time and space move around you.