Coffee Time – Imagination by Kathyann

481219_505787229481257_1707477665_nToday we will discuss IMAGINATION and all that it is. So please pour yourself a cup of your favorite coffee drink and join me for discussion. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts. They are always welcomed.

Imagination – is it make belief or reality? There are many who have questioned the validity of imagination. So to start with, I would like you to ask yourself this question:

— What makes something real?

Majority of the people in the world have always been told that “imagination” is something made up; in other words something “not real” and in fact, many people have been discouraged from using their imagination and some are considered delusional if they continue using it.  Children are naturally gifted at using their imagination; it is only as they begin to grow older and are taught to no longer use or develop their imaginations that the ability begins to fade. For some, they have never lost the ability to vividly imagine and create intricate worlds using nothing but their own minds.

Many have come to rely upon their 5 physical senses to determine whether something is in fact “real” or “made-up or fantasy”. If something can be heard, seen, tasted, smelled, or touched then this validates that something is real within our reality. This is to be expected when living within a physical reality as we do here on Earth.  However, the truth of the matter is that our physical reality is an illusion, which is actually “made-up”.  Yet even the “illusion” we see everyday in so many ways seems real, correct?

The very question of what is “real” and what is “not real” is the basis for all that we perceive, all that we experience, all that we give value from our current perspective. 

The complexity of Earth’s reality is compounded by our free will to perceive, create and experience whatever we wish. We volunteered to experience life on Earth and were told to love and create while we are here.  Many often blame their current life experiences on chance, luck, punishment or reward never realizing that it was they who created each and every experience.

I am sure you have heard the phrase, “thoughts are things” and still do not realize just how accurate a statement like this really is. What if I were to tell you that every day-dream, fantasy, concern, fear, each and every single thought you have had, instantly created a reality in which that event really did occur? This is mind-blowing to some of you, and some of you have already begun to realize the incredible power that you possess with just your thoughts.

Anything and I mean absolutely anything that you can imagine already exists in the ethers and all you have to do is call it forward into your life – you do this all the time consciously or unconsciously by the emotions you attach to the thought.

We have been taught that we cannot control the thoughts in our minds and therefore are not responsible for them. We often hear those who say “how can I be responsible for things that just pop into my head?” “It’s not like I actually did them.” That may be true in this reality; however those thoughts were made manifest “somewhere”. Realize the magnitude of this statement. Parallel realities exist and your soul, at inception, separated into many sparks and went forward into other dimensions and parallel universes to experience as much as possible for its growth and to add to Source/God’s experiences.  All that you imagine or think, already exists and your soul will experience it at some level.

Many of you “day-dream” regularly about places you would like to go, what you would enjoy doing, experiences you would like to have and yet when you are “snapped back” to “reality” you do not find yourself in these places, or enjoy these activities. So you may wonder how your imagination can possibly be real. I urge you to realize, although you may not find that your current reality matches the surroundings that you “imagined” yourself within, this does not mean that you are not experiencing that reality in another “now” moment somewhere else.

Time is really only a marker, a string of “now moments” strung together. You perceive them as happening one right after the other thus, creating “past, present, and future”.  But linear time is not real, it is something humans created for controlling purposes.  Try to look at time as a marker or a page in a book. It allows you to know what “page” to turn to, in order to find the experience or “now moment” to focus your attention on.  This is where the saying “start a new chapter in your life” comes from.  You are the author of your life – so learn to write it or re-write as you go along by your imagination – your thoughts.

You are free to focus on any number of “now moments” regardless of the order. And so, the “you” that you saw in your imagination enjoying that desired experience, was just on another “now moment” in another parallel reality. Only when your current vibration and beliefs align with the necessary vibration will that reality which you saw in your imagination be drawn to you in your current reality for you to experience consciously. However, remember that each and every one of the “yous” in each parallel reality equally believes that they are in fact the “real” you and all others are simply just possibilities. You are the imagination of another you….

Your imagination is but a window into another reality. You may or may not choose to attract that experience into your conscious reality; however regardless of whether you experience that event in this reality or not, that event is still taking place to another “you” in another parallel reality. You are constantly shifting back and forth between many realities at any given moment; however you perceive this shift from one “now moment” to the next as linear time. Motion pictures are another great analogy to compare your experiences to. A motion picture is just that, it is the rapid movement of many still pictures placed in a row to create the experience of movement which you perceive as linear.

So, let’s get back to the original question, — what makes something real? The very simple answer is:  Your beliefs directly affect what you will perceive. Your perception is what makes something real. However what you perceive is unique to each one of you, what is “real” for one is not necessarily “real” for another.

I would strongly recommend that all of you begin to use the vivid creativity of your imagination. Get into your Right Brain where your creativity and imagination live. There is a reason why the human brain is divided into two sides, the Left side which is analytical and the right side which is imagination and creativity.  Knowing that you are not simply pretending, but are actually creating. This is why it is important to choose your thoughts wisely.

The other part of this discussion is that several of my Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) Clients, while under trance, believe they are making-up their past lives.  They are not making them up. These are in fact, past lives they have regressed back into OR current lives they are living in another parallel universe. The whole purpose in having such a regression therapy session is to review the experiences the soul is currently having on other levels or has had in past lives, acknowledge the experiences and any pertinent messages associated with them as they relate to the life that one consciously feels is the “real” life and situations they are struggling with at this “now moment”.

Schedule a QHHT session with a Dolores Cannon trained practitioner and experience the beautiful life you are really living and all that there is to learn from it.  Trust me, it will enrich you tremendously by discovering your “true self”.  It can set you free from problems or circumstance you have not been able to detach yourself from.  You can find so many answers to your questions, if you want and desire.  There are practitioners all around the world and you may find one in your area by going to the Dolores Cannon Practitioners website to find one.  The site is:

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