Happy Saturday to All – Release All That Does Not Serve You

I truly wish all of you a beautiful and happy Saturday.  If the weather is nice where you are, I encourage you as always to take a walk outside or ride a bike – get some exercise, breath in and out.  As you breath in, image taking in all good things and as you breath out, release all negativity in your life. Just let it go. Remember, if something/someone does not bring out the best in you and is not serving your “highest good”, let it go….. you don’t need it.  Don’t waste anymore time on it.  You are here on Earth to experience total bliss and happiness so create it and claim it as yours.  If the weather is not such that it is practical to go outside then simply find a quiet place in your home, put on some calming music, close your eyes, relax, and begin the process of breathing in all goodness and breathing out all negativity.  Happy breathing to all of you.  Much respect, Kathyann.fall bike