Coffee Time – Let Go of the Past

Thanks for joining me for a wonderful cup of coffee.  Today, I think we should speak about the past and all that was there to serve us.

Our past has shaped us into what we are today and remembering the dearest, happiest, fondest memories are a wonderful ability we have.  Unfortunately, that ability also holds onto the memories we would rather forget – memories that weren’t so good.  Often, we tend to remember the difficult times we went through or times when things didn’t go the way we desired.

let go of the past and the past will let go of you

So, how do you forget the bad times? First, you must remember that just as you have the ability to remember the past, you have the ability to forget the past, especially the past that doesn’t or didn’t serve you well.

Second, if there is something in your past that continues to haunt you, call it forward into your mind, close your eyes and examine the event and all that was involved with it, ask yourself if there was something you could have done to prevent it, ask yourself if there was a lesson attached to the event, ask whatever questions you feel are appropriate, and then ask your Higher Self for clarification of the event.  

Third, give gratitude to the event happening and for lessons learned.

Fourth, remember that the past is the past and every moment you are a new person – you are not the person from your past when the event occurred.

Fifth, take a deep breath, smile, blow it out, and LET IT GO, LET IT GO, LET IT GO!!! The event does not want to hold onto you any more than you want to hold on to it so LET IT GO!  

Now, that it is over and gone – don’t hold grudges or resentment for any of it. Forgive yourself and all involved and move on.  Learn to stay in the NOW time.

— Kathyann 

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