Coffee Time – Perfect Existence

Today is the day for change.  First, grab yourself a wonderful cup of coffee in your perfect cup and the way you like it.  Smell the wonderful aroma, take a few sips and really enjoy the flavors.  Then, smile and give heart-felt gratitude to God for ALL the wonderful things you do have.  

We all have things in our lives we want to change.  Even people who might be deemed to have the “perfect existence” will tell you there are things in their lives they want changed.  So, whether you have had a perfect existence up until now, where everything has gone right OR your life has been “not so perfect”, you must have a strong desire and determination to change your life.  It is all the negative things that happen to us that give us the desire to change things.  That huge desire to change things is what lights that huge magnetic fire.  A magnetic fire fueled by desire — A VERY POWERFUL THING.


Be grateful for everything that caused the huge desire in you to start the magnetic fire because that fire of desire will make you strong and determined and you will change your life. Start focusing on what you DO want and forget about what you don’t want.

Don’t give up on your desires! — Kathyann