Coffee Time – Manifesting Affirmations

coffee toast

Time for Coffee – Your invited for coffee and discussion on how to use affirmations for manifesting.  A coffee toast is in store to all of us as we continually learn and grow in this evolutionary life of ours.  One of our main goals in this life is to remember our creation power.  Affirmations and rituals are not the only way of manifesting, but for some, they do help.  So let’s begin.  Enjoy your coffee and please feel free to provide your input.  — Hugs, Kathyann.


Affirmations are positive assertions and are repeated in order to stimulate change we desire. They are repeated subconscious suggestions that eventually become truths in the subconscious mind. Repetition of the affirmation helps to deepen the awareness of the desire internally in your subconscious mind, which is then transmitted into the universal consciousness for manifestation in the physical realm.

Magic Rituals

Many people practice magic rituals which in all respects are beneficial so long as they are not intended to hurt self or anyone else.  They include a phrase or incantation, objects that symbolize or represent the substance of your desired manifestation, and a dedicated “workplace” or “altar”.

The phrase or incantation is an affirmation that is worded in a captivating manner. The objects in the ritual help to create associations needed in order to package your desired changes into the abstract associative patterns your subconscious mind uses to process information.

The dedicated workplace or altar is an anchor that creates a feeling of belief and multiplies the magnitude of the affirmation strength. Every time the individual approaches the altar, the feelings and belief in the ceremony are increased. The subconscious mind begins to automatically open itself into the receptive state to allow manifestation due to the conditioned programming and subconscious anchors planted by the dedicated workplace.

Ways to create affirmations –

1. Phrase:  Think of a phrase that you would actually use on a very regular basis and one that is not too difficult to repeat by memory.  If needed, you can read the affirmation.  However, memorizing it allows you to free you mind a little and thus increase the emotional energy placed into the words.

Create a catchy phrase stated in PAST tense and include words of gratitude such as: “I AM grateful for the $1 million dollars I have just received.” or  “I AM grateful for my healthy and young body.”  Do not state negativity such as “I want to be healthy” or ” I don’t want to be sick” — this represents to the universe a LACK of health and what is represented to the universe will be mirrored in your reality.

You must repeat these magic affirmations as if they are already here. If your magic affirmation is future tense, it will never materialize since you are manifesting the lack of instead of the reality of having it.

Remember, all you state will eventually manifest unless negative energy or disbelief overwhelms the desire before it materializes in the physical realm.

2. Visualization:  Your subconscious mind thinks in pictures and emotions. While you repeat your magic affirmations, you must deeply visualize every aspect of them. It is beneficial to be in the alpha state and highly relaxed.  Imagination is the key to visualization.  Let it flow and become reality in your physical life.

3. Emotionalize:  In order to ensure the affirmations bypass all mind filters and limiting beliefs, you must create powerful emotions that turn up the volume on your affirmations. When you have a desired outcome, strong affirmations, and use visualization, your feelings of limitless joy and happiness should saturate every cell in your body. This is highly important for ensuring the subconscious mind releases limiting beliefs and transmits the message to the universal mind. It is also a beneficial means of testing whether or not your affirmations need some work. If no emotion is created when performing affirmations, you must alter them until you are beaming with excitement performing them.

5. Practice Makes Perfect:  As you manifest more and more into your life, your abilities will increase and each subsequent manifestation should come easier. Eventually, you will reach the level where your desires manifest as you proclaim them. Until then, you must strengthen the bond between your conscious (thinking) mind, subconscious mind, and universal mind. At all times, give respect to all three. Some people will acquire this ability faster than others and this is okay….. we all go at our own pace.  Some helpful hints:

a.  Patience is a virtue…..

It takes time for your subconscious mind to accept your affirmations as absolute truths. Once your subconscious mind accepts the truth and passes it to the universal mind, the energy of your desire must slow its vibration level to the physical plane of existence. This process takes time and patience is truly a virtue when manifesting change into your life.

b.  Repetition builds belief….

You must perform these affirmations on a consistent basis. Repetition builds belief.

c.  Discipline is a key….

Willpower is important to adhere to. Manifesting a new reality also draws upon that ability. Don’t give up – 5 minutes of your time on a daily basis is not too much to give for what you want.

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