Coffee Time – Let Your Mind Shine

This little light of mine

Your life is in your hands meaning you are the creator of your life.  You control all that happens.  When you let negative thoughts invade your mind, they eventually gain control of your thoughts and take over.  Negative thoughts create a negative life.  All of your feelings of fear, failure, inadequacies, and doubt are because your negative thoughts have taken over your mind and your MIND is CONTROLLING YOU. Your mind has taken over and you are the slave and victim of your uncontrolled thoughts.  It is as simple as that.  

Take control of your life by taking control of your mind and your thoughts. This must happen if you want positive change in your life.  Every thought must be carefully watched and controlled.  When a negative thought comes in, stamp it out, and tell your mind that you are in control and you refuse to let a negative thought take root in you.  Then think of something good instead-think of something that makes you laugh and smile.  Think more, and more, and more good thoughts and soon they will come automatically and become more a part of you.  Then you will be in control of your mind and only then will your MIND shine!

I wish you all a beautiful, safe, and lovely Sunday!  — Kathyann.


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