11.10.13 EMERGENCE!

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

If you are you feeling innundated these days by regrets, sorrows, and/or self-recriminations over “things that happened in the past”–things you thought you’d left behind a long “time” ago–then  congratulate yourself! It means you are in flow with your own expansion. It means that you are ready to TRULY release those old self-limiting programs at last. You see, you may have thought you had already done so, based on what you’d been told about HOW to do so “in the past”… say by using affirmations, for example. Yep, that method in particular sure was a “self-help bestseller” a few decades ago, wasn’t it?

But that was then. Besides, it never REALLY worked, even back then, did it? That’s because affirmations are formulated in the brain… which is a programmed treadmill… which can create the illusion of “getting ahead,” of course… which can get us all excited for awhile… until we realize we…

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