A Magical Kitchen

white and black kitchenThe kitchen is, and always has been, the heart and hearth of many homes. When you have a gathering in your home, where do most of your guests hang out? Why, the kitchen, of course! The reason is that this is where the great smell of delicious food comes from, this is where the hostess or host spends most of their time preparing meals for their guests.  Nowadays, thanks to a declining economy, many more people are eating at home rather than spending money at restaurants. Families are staying home more and learning to make meals from scratch and so the kitchen has once again become a place where people spend hours, rather than minutes. 

When you take the time to put meals together from basic ingredients, you have a magical opportunity at hand. You can infuse every dish with intent and will. A meal can stop being something you dump out of a can, and start being a ritual in and of itself. When you take time to prepare something with your own hands, that lends to its sacredness, and will make you want to spend time savoring it with your family. By changing the way you view food, its preparation and its consumption, you can craft some practical magic at its simplest level and lend some enchantment to your meals.

As you become more aware of what it’s like to live magically, and more in tune with your own actions and activities, you may at some point realize that your kitchen is a magical one. There are a number of things you can do to enhance the magical atmosphere in your kitchen. Try some or all of these to get started:

1.  The stove top is today’s equivalent of the hearth fires of old, and it’s where most food preparation is done. So, make this area special by making sure it remains clean.

2.  Decorate your kitchen with a paint color that is soothing and relaxing to you and your family.

3.  Decorate with pictures that are eye-drawing or attention-getters.

4.  Place a few real or silk flower arrangements throughout.

5.  Make an area for herbs you know you would use.

6.  Hang interesting towels.

7.  Place decorative canisters.

8.  Make sure your coffee pot coordinates with your design and colors.

9.  Kitchen table chairs should be comfortable to sit for lengthy periods of time.

It’s simply hard to find balance in a place that is cluttered and chaotic. Make sure counter tops are wiped down after each meal, keep the sink free of dirty dishes, and organize cupboards and shelves so kitchen tools and ingredients are easily accessible.

Welcome your family and friends into your kitchen with your whole heart and you will be blessed in return.

If you desire a newly decorated kitchen, contact me and I will provide a free estimate.  In most cases, you can have your new kitchen in time for Christmas Holiday. ~ Kathyann. 


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