Past Life Regression with Dr. Brian Weiss on Dr. Oz Show

Here’s another fine example of a past life regression through hypnosis with Dr. Brian Weiss.

A session with Leon – a guest from the quit smoking episode with Dr. Oz – a funeral director, was invited to the show to have an experience with Dr. Weiss. It was explained that Leon has had a lifelong rocky relationship with his sister and also has nightly dreams of flying. It took 20 minutes to get Leon into a deep state of focused concentration when he began to go back. Leon first went to when he was a child and his mother was gone and came back with a baby – he was 6 – and his older sister was teasing him, which hurt his feelings. When Dr. Weiss took Leon back further, Leon described: floating…on a plane…old plane…having troubles…can’t stay level…smoke…other planes…don’t want to die…me and him…I don’t know who to shoot…plane gets hit…my fault.  Leon said he could still feel it – that the experience was so real, it was like he was actually there.  While Leon was regressed, he received a message – tell people they’re ok…the dead people. The meaning was for Leon to tell the people at his funeral parlor that their family and friends are alright.

Leon explained that his relationship with his sister bothers him and he wished that it could be better. He also shared that he can’t stand to feel pressure on his chest – that it feels like he’s suffocating.  In another session with Dr. Weiss, Leon described: feeling…head is swelling, crushed…whole body…on my chest…heavy…garbage compactor, car crusher…someone hit me on the head…couldn’t do anything…watched…someone being raped…didn’t see, person too far away…in an alley…could have helped her…feels badly…if I was going to die…wasn’t very brave…it was my sister…I didn’t stop it.  Leon saw that the stranger in his past life, was his sister in his current life. The experience changed Leon’s relationship with his sister and he shared that he feels at peace now. Leon has since tried to disprove the experience in his mind, but says that there is no other explanation for it. Leon’s sister Lynn was given the chance to see the footage and shared that it was mind blowing and hard to believe that she was watching it. 

maple colored door

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