Thanksgiving Contemplations

As Thanksgiving Day soon approaches, we find ourselves busier than ever. Planning events for the special day among our already busy routines.  We get inspiration for making this day special because we can meet up with friends and family.  Some of them we look forward to seeing and others we simply would rather not see.  The food is the all-time best and of course, it tastes even better when you are in the company of wonderful people.  Whatever, Thanksgiving is to you – let it be and enjoy it.  

woman in nature thinking


I just wanted to point out that at this time of the year, with it almost over, I think that within this next week, you should take some time out for yourself.  I mean really take at least 5 hours off and go somewhere by yourself and spend time in solitude – my perfect place would be in nature.  Contemplate what you have done this year and what you wish you would have done.  Seriously, give it some thought….. think about who you are, where you’ve been, how old you are, dreams you are still waiting for, why you do the things you do, how do you accept others, what positive attributes do you have, what are your negative attributes, if you could change anything in your life, what would it be, who makes you smile, who aggravates you, what new thing have you been putting off trying, and so on…..  

If you sit and contemplate who you really are, acknowledge the changes that need to be made for you to be a better person, really make amends with yourself for the mistakes you have made, make amends with those who have wronged you, decide how to make your life the most fullest ever…. you will truly be able to give thanks on this Thanksgiving Day.  Start now and then celebrate your life with those you love and those that love you.  Then move on to Christmas with a more cheerful attitude and then onto the New Year with no regrets.  Remember, there are never to be regrets for the choices we make, only lessons learned and a new definition of who we are.    

I wish you well on this contemplation journey that will open up a new you or refine the old you just a little.  Lots of love to all, Kathyann.

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